#11925 Koschei reports a lot of "unknown" states
Closed: Fixed 21 days ago by mizdebsk. Opened a month ago by vondruch.

Just checked state of my packages in Koschei, most reports "unknown" state for F40+. That seems weird.

It is weird. ;)

I tried several things, but no luck...

CC: @mizdebsk @decathorpe

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a month ago

For the record, not only F40+ is affected. They just seem to be affected most.

Looking at the Rust SIG dashboard in koschei, you can see that it affects all branches:

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a month ago

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21 days ago

The issue was fixed by getting into PostgreSQL console:

ssh root@os-control01.iad2.fedoraproject.org
oc project koschei
oc get pod
oc rsh admin-6-2gdr2
koschei-admin psql

And then executing the following SQL query:

SELECT update_last_build(id) FROM package;

This runs update_last_build function implemented in PL/SQL on all packages across all collections (Fedora versions).

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21 days ago

Can confirm, looks good to me now, thank you!

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