#11923 Staging wiki is not available
Closed: Fixed with Explanation a month ago by kevin. Opened a month ago by zlopez.

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Reported in fedora noc channel that the staging wiki is unavailable. I was looking at the issue and there was some change that caused the playbook to fail.

It seems that something is creating the /srv/web/fp-wiki/extensions folder now and this is causing the task to create the same symlink to fail.

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I will try to fix it asap as it doesn't seem to be a complex issue.

Here is a PR that should fix the issue.

It seems that the issue is caused by the wiki upgrade (see https://pagure.io/fedora-infrastructure/issue/11906), which is currently happening in staging first.

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- Issue marked as depending on: #11906

a month ago

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- Issue unmarked as depending on: #11906

a month ago

Pagure won't let me close this with the dependent ticket.

It was fixed a while ago.

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a month ago

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