#11660 Fedora Cloud Base 39+ AWS images should use uefi-preferred boot method
Opened 5 months ago by mvadkert. Modified 2 months ago

According to:


But we cannot confirm, see for example:

125523088429/Fedora-Cloud-Base-39-20231204.0.x86_64-hvm-us-east-1-gp3-0 it has boot method unset, i.e. -.
I would expect uefi-preferred


So I cannot confirm it happened, same for Rawhide.

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5 months ago

@kevin is there something we can do to get some attention pls?

I am not sure. I am actually on PTO now... so I am not even here. ;)

I guess we need someone to dig into fedimg and see what went wrong with the changes.

I'll update the create image command.

Working on completing this week (before Sunday) mentioned in the Cloud-SIG today.

@davdunc Is this done? Could we close the issue?

No, it is not resolved:


That is Fedora-Cloud-Base-Rawhide-20240304.n.0.x86_64-hvm-us-east-2-gp3-0

Boot mode still not set ...

hi, any update here pls?

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