#10458 Help me move my discourse bots to production?
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I have three little python scripts that I wrote which are running on my own system. I'd like to get them running somewhere... not my own system.

They are:

  • Issuebot — Implements Common Issues @ Ask Fedora, intended to replace the CommonBugs wiki page. This is a medium-long script I designed to run periodically (hourly, give or take) to scane Bugzilla and the Discourse category. It could be redesigned to use the message bus, I suppose — not a bad idea really, but that'd be taking it apart and putting it back together again.

  • Fedocal2Discourse — Mirrors Fedora Calendar entries into Discourse topics. As currently implemented runs once a week. It'd definitely be better to redo it as a message bus listener. Possibly could be a Toddler (or several Toddlers?), or even a native feature of Future Fedocal. (This one has a lot of room for improvement, but is useful for what it does as is.)

  • Pagure2Discourse — Intended to help keep discussion in a centralized place while also keeping the value of a ticket tracker. This one I did make a message bus listener. It could also probably be ported to being a Toddler. It currently only responds to new tickets and creates a linked discussion, but in the future it'd be nice to actually do some followup syncing. (See readme, although that's out of scope for this request.)

I'm happy to still own these — I just want them running somewhere not-my-system. I'm also happy with running them as they are, but am definitely open to improvements.

When do you need this to be done by? (YYYY/MM/DD)

Not urgent, just... having them on my systems is not great. :)

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a year ago

@kevin i can carry out about this task,
also a SOP should help

Would these be ok to run in openshift? Perhaps all in the same project ( 'discourse-bots')

If so, just needs someone to write the ansible to deploy it.

Do we have a staging discourse to test with/run staging bots against?

@kevin Yes, they could run in openshift.

I think there's a test discourse instance somewhere in CPE, although it's not really staging for the live sites. Not sure of the status. We will also get a proper staging instance as part of the enterprise hosting agreement, when that happens, which I hope is soon.

Hey, I notice this is marked "waiting on assignee". What do I need to do?

I am about to write another one to sync group membership....

Here's my rough plan: I'm going to move all of these from pagure to gitlab for hosting, and then use quay.io to make it build containers automatically on commit. Can we then run those containers in openshift, with corresponding automatic updates?

We are looking at writing up some best practices for openshift apps in our clusters, but we don't have it yet. ;(

IMHO, I'd prefer making this use a s2i image and a git repo wherever (gitlab?) and when you push commits to a staging and/or prod branch it just sees it, builds everything in our cluster and deploys it. ;) That would give us more visibility into what the thing is and how it's made, and I think be even less work for you...

@kevin Okay, sounds good! Can you point me to docs on how I can get the repo set up for that? (Currently all of these are on pagure but I can move them to gitlab.)

pagure or gitlab, it doesn't matter, just a git repo...

The silverblue site is an example of a app using s2i.

The app is defined in:

and then the playbook that uses that is:

Let's move this to "waiting on reporter". :) I need to find the time for next steps.

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8 months ago

Hey. We have a communishift now... would it be helpful to have a communishift project for this? you could then set them up there and get them all configured and running and then export that more easily to staging or prod openshift clusters?
Just let us know if you would like a project or projects there for this. :)

Yes, totally. That and more spare time for all of us :)

Hey, do you need some help on this? Not sure if the communishift project has been created for you yet, but I can offer my help to set everything up there.

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