#10386 Investigate moving registry.fp.o to quay.io
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Traditionally registry.fedoraproject.org was needed as quay.io did not support multiarch which it now does. Also flatpaks were a potential issue but that also appears to be solved with one caveat to keep flatpak-indexer running as mentioned here https://pagure.io/fedora-infrastructure/issue/10373#comment-765006

The purpose of this ticket is to carry out some investigation work to confirm all the above is true as well as finding any other potential blockers to the move

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We didn't have capacity to investigate this yet, but it's still something we want to do.

The comment linked above: https://pagure.io/fedora-infrastructure/issue/10373#comment-765006 is correct and current.

We were blocked on Flatpaks because of the lack of support for OCI images/manifests, which has been resolved now for quay.io, and in addition Flatpak since switched to using the older Docker v2 image format.

We'd still need to keep flatpak-indexer running and expose its URL at https://registry.fedoraproject.org/index (this URl is in the configuration of Fedora systems so can't change), but the images could hosted on quay.io. [The index points to the registry - it doesn't have to be on the same toplevel URL]

The Fedora CoreOS team is interested in this migration happening. We have a few "Fedora" containers we are going to start to publish. We met with the team previously and all decided that since quay.io was the end goal for Fedora containers that we (FCOS) would start to publish our Fedora CoreOS containers in quay.io from their inception (more context in https://pagure.io/fedora-infrastructure/issue/10702). Needless to say all of Fedora's containers should be accessible from a single source (reducing confusion), so the quicker the migration the better so that we don't have some containers coming from one registry and others from another.

The fedora-toolbox images for Toolbx are also currently hosted on registry.fedoraproject.org. We are open to moving to quay.io but we need some migration period because the URL to the image is baked into the toolbox RPM.

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