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Created 2 years ago
Maintained by pingou
Sync for packagers group membership in bugzilla
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Pierre-Yves Chibon committed 2 years ago

Packger Sync Bugzilla

On the bugzilla instance hosted at https://bugzilla.redhat.com Fedora packagers (ie members of the "packager" group in the Fedora Account System, FAS) are given some extra permissions. For example, they can act on Fedora bugs, access some of the flags, thus allowing them to do package reviews or bug triage for example.

This script aims at giving these permissions from FAS to bugzilla.

To you run it locally:

# We need a recent version of python-bugzilla that has not been released yet
git clone https://github.com/python-bugzilla/python-bugzilla.git
git clone https://pagure.io/Fedora-Infra/packager-sync-bz.git
cd packager-sync-bz
# Adjust the configuration file so it can connect to FAS and bugzilla
vim packager_sync_bz.cfg
# Run the application for a single user, without changing bugzilla:
./packager_sync.py packager_sync_bz.cfg <username> --dry-run
# Run the application for all packagers, in a loop, without changing bugzilla:
./packager_sync.py packager_sync_bz.cfg --dry-run