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Script to generate an RPM changelog from a git repo
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Testbed for Automatically Generating RPM Release Fields and Changelogs

This project hosts the rpmautospec python package and script, which attempt to automatically calculate release numbers and generate an RPM changelog from the dist-git repository of a package and the information available in the Koji build system.


  • python3
  • python3-pygit2


The script rpmautospec.py allows testing the various algorithms for automatic release and changelog generation. It accepts normal CLI options, run python rpmautospec.py --help for more information.

Generating a Changelog

This is how you can use it:

  • Clone a dist-git repository
fedpkg clone -a guake
  • Generating the changelog, pointing it to the repository cloned above
python rpmautospec.py generate-changelog guake

Note: You can also generate a good basic changelog using:

git log --after=2018-01-28 --pretty=oneline \
  --format='%w(1000)**%h**%n* %cd %an <%ae>%n%w(60,0,2)- %s%n' \
  --date="format:%a %b %d %Y"

Calculating the Next Value for the Release Field

Calculate the next value for the RPM release field (i.e. to be used for the next build) by running the script this way:

python rpmautospec.py calculate-release [--algorithm ...] <pkgname> <disttag> [<evr>]


python rpmautospec.py calculate-release bash fc31
python rpmautospec.py --algorithm holistic_heuristic gimp fc30


License: CC0