#457 Member are autotomatically added to a hub without validation
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There is currently no validation when a user requests membership in a hub. They are automatically added.
Since FAS3 is not going to be ready anytime soon, I don't know which level of integration we can expect from FAS. Adding someone to a FAS group from Hubs is probably something that will need a lot of screening by a security expert.
I think that the minimum we could do is:

  • display a message to the user requesting membership that their request is awaiting moderation
  • send a notification of some sort, probably email, to the owner of the group telling them that they need to moderate a join request
  • display that request in the settings dialog in the members tab and allow validation

What do you think, @duffy and @ryanlerch ?

I don't know if that needs to be in the MVP. We could also decide to start with public groups and open membership only (would that work?).

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4 years ago

if we do implement group membership requests in hubs for the time being, we would also probably have to add the ability for an admin to promote another member to admin also.

@ryanlerch that's already possible from the settings dialog: you can go to the members tab and set a member to "owner".

@abompard IMHO, this one is pretty much covered by #389 -- going to close this one off.

feel free to re-open if needs be.

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4 years ago

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