#436 Hubs widget: implement as in the mockup
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This is the list of hubs a person is a member of on their profile. We have it implemented but it doesn't match the mockup. At this point we'd only have a listing of team hubs so we don't need subheaders.


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4 years ago

@duffy : quick question: show should we pick the colors?

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4 years ago

@abompard ah good question! So the base colors I have set already in the latest fedora-bootstrap - they are

$fedora-blue: #3c6eb4;
$fedora-magenta: #db3279;
$fedora-orange: #e59728;
$fedora-green: #79db32;
$fedora-purple: #a07cbc;

What I need to do is make a set of color values for the overlay / text color as well. I will do that quickly now, and submit a PR for fedora-bootstrap.

Ok here are the text colors:

$fedora-blue-dark: #294a7a;
$fedora-magenta-dark: #9a1b51;
$fedora-orange-dark: #9a6213;
$fedora-green-dark: #488b18;
$fedora-purple-dark: #70488f;

I would assign them as pairs, eg $fedora-blue for background, $fedora-blue-dark for color/text color... but assign each pair randomly. They should be consistent though (does that make sense?)
I wonder if there is some library like gravatar/libravatar for which these could be a theme? not sure :-/

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4 years ago

Should we close this issue?

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4 years ago

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