#390 Set a proper list of default widgets
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The list of widgets deployed by default on a new hub is stored in defaults.py. It currently is composed of these widgets:
- feed
- contact
- meetings
- fedmsgstats
- updates2stable
- subscriptions
- badges
- Pagure PR
- Github PR
- bugzilla
- halp

Which means that the following widgets are not deployed by default:
- about
- library
- linechart
- Github issues
- Pagure issues
- memberships
- stats
- sticky

Do we want to keep it that way? The Pagure & Github issues widgets need a project name, which we can't provide a good default for, so it makes sense to leave them out.

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4 years ago

MVP Widgets

These are the widgets that I think are important for MVP. My names may not be the same as the names in the codebase. We can create a translation key. I've included a mockup for each so it's clear which widget I'm talking about. I've also included a to-do list from a UX perspective for each.

MVP Widget List


The king of all widgets! No need to say anything more :)




  • This should be integrated in the top bar of a hub, not as a separate broken out widget.




  • This widget needs special styling to hide the titlebar so it looks like it does in the mockup

Meeting Reminders

I believe this is implemented and called 'meetings' in the codebase.



  • 'request a new meeting' button doesn't work

Sticky Note



  • This needs to have a special style to hide the titlebar, which it shouldn't have so it has the mockup appearance.
  • This looks correct for team hubs. For personal hubs, it shows up in the right hand sidebar as an 'about' widget. The user's about should be in a sticky on the top instead.




  • Should have thumbnail preview
  • No ability to set a title and description per library item => this is important for MVP imho
  • Config UI needs a better design :)




  • I think this should be integrated into the Rules widget for team hubs.


I don't think this one is implemented yet? But it should be MVP, because there isnt another way on a given hubs page to see a list of members, is there?



  • implement

Newest Open Tickets

Right now this is implemented separately for github and pagure. It should be one widget with a dropdown to distinguish between platforms.



  • implement one widget with opts for platform
  • test? (the pagure one gives an ISE for the 'design' pagure repo)

Badges (personal)

This is the version of the badges widget that displays on a person's profile and helps others get to know who they are and what their skillset is. Right now it is a flat list of badges - we need to sort them so they match the mockup.



  • implement categories as in mockup


This is the list of hubs a person is a member of on their profile. We have it implemented but it doesn't match the mockup. At this point we'd only have a listing of team hubs so we don't need subheaders.



  • style to match mockup


I'm not sure the current status of this widget. I can use the config for it and it looks great, but I can't get the widget to display anything even after creating fake halp requests in a meeting.



  • ?

Default widgets per hub type

Team Hubs

  • Feed
  • Stats
  • Sticky
  • Rules
  • Contact
  • Meeting Reminders
  • Library
  • People
  • Newest Open Tickets
  • Halp

People Hubs

  • Feed
  • Stats
  • Sticky (default message should be something like, "Hi, I'm a new Fedora Hubs user! I can edit this message by clicking on 'Edit Page Layout' in the upper right corner."
  • Contact
  • Meeting Reminders
  • Badges (personal)
  • Library
  • Hubs

I wanted to provide some comments per widget on the ones not mentioned above. Note I couldn't figure out what all of these are because the dev server ISE'ed on me :(

Current Defaults

  • fedmsgstats - what is the difference between this and stats?
  • updates2stable - I can't get this one to work. What is it?
  • subscriptions - I don't think this one is useful
  • Pagure PR - this is good, wish were unified with github one
  • Github PR - see above
  • bugzilla - this is good but wish it were unified with the other two issue ones


  • about - this should be done using the sticky on personal profiles so this can be dropped i think
  • linechart - what is this?
  • Github issues - i think we should do by default (see below)
  • Pagure issues - i think we should do by default (see below)
  • memberships - what's this?
  • stats - I think this is important, but i'm not sure the difference between it and fedmsgstats?
  • sticky - yes, see note in comment before this one for default message on personal profiles

The pagure and github issues widgets need a project name, which we can't provide a good default for, but is there a way we could list them on the team hub by default with a little 'empty' message saying 'click here to configure your project name so we can show your team's tickets?' I want it to be discoverable...

I would add "sticky" to defaults. Everything else looks good so far.
I like the design and colours. But why all the screenshots are long, like in a mobile? Is it intended or they were just cropped this way?
Thanks for all the work! Looks great!

Thanks a lot mizmo, I've open tickets and PRs for some of the issues you raised here:
- PR #431 : Hide the title for the rules and the sticky widget
- Issue #428 : The "stats" widget should be integrated at the top of the Hub
- Issue #429 : The difference between the "stats" and "fedmsgstats" widget is unclear
- Issue #432 : Meetings widget: "Request a new meeting" button doesn't work
- Issue #433 : Library widget: improvements needed
- Issue #434 : People widget
- Issue #435 : Badges widget: implement categories
- Issue #436 : Hubs widget: implement as in the mockup
- Issue #437 : Halp widget: do some testing

I'm not sure I understand well the idea of integrating the contents of the contact widget into the Rules widget. Could you show me what it'd look like? If it is only for team hubs, what email address should I use? Should I add it to the configuration? What about the other pieces of info? It's currently using information from FAS, and I can't get that data for teams until FAS3 is deployed.

@abompard sure here's a mockup showing how contact should look for a person (no change) and for a team (rules + contact.) I think the email address should be the team's mailing list (if they have none, then no email address should be listed.) You can add it to the config but i think the admins should only have to input what mailing list the team uses once and it would be used for both this contact widget and for the feed widget (does that make sense?) the other piece is the irc channel - which again i think the admin should only have to fill out once, and both the contact widget and irc widget sohuld be able to access it. (does this make sense?)


Metadata Update from @ryanlerch:
- Issue close_status updated to: Fixed

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