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Continuous integration for fedora docs
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CI for Fedora Docs

Documentation on enabling continuous integration for the Fedora documentation website.

Using the build script


python3, podman, Apache server

Cofigure the Apache server

  • Install HTTPD packages.

    sudo dnf install httpd -y

  • Start the HTTPD service.

    sudo systemctl start httpd.service

  • (Optional) Add custom servername to /etc/hosts

  • Configure Fedora Messaging public broker. Responsible for listening to activities on on doc repos.

    Fedora Public Broker

Create and activate a python virtual environment

python3 -m venv venv

source venv/bin/activate

$ pip install -r requirements.txt.

Set environment variable for API key in terminal

PAGURE_API_KEY = <api_key>

Listen to and build PRs opened against Fedora Docs by running the consumer script

$ PYTHONPATH=. fedora-messaging --conf config.toml consume