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  = Diversity and inclusion in Fedora

+ :toc:


  The Fedora Project welcomes and encourages participation by everyone.

  Our community is based on mutual respect, tolerance, and encouragement, and we work to help each other live up to these principles.
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  You can watch our recent video showcasing the Fedora community https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O1eHRoEps6I[here].


+ image::infographic-2020.png[Infographic with statistics about Fedora Women's Day since 2016. Created by Smera Goel.]




  == Goals

This commit adds the 2020 infographic created by @smeragoel into our
docs repository. It also adds it to the home page for the D&I docs. I
figure a visual says a lot more than pictures, so I placed it near the
top of the document.

I also added a table of contents (:toc:) to help make the content on
the lower part of the page more known and not buried by the infographic.

Closes #154.

Screenshot of local preview of the changed index page. Shows the infographic near the top.

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@ramyaparimi Would you mind reviewing this Pull Request please? :grinning:

@jflory7 it looks so organized after TOC and colorful after the infographic :grinning:

Everything looks good to me.

But nothing is happening if I click on merge.

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@ramyaparimi Thanks for taking a look! I realized you did not have commit rights. You do now! Check out if you can merge the Pull Request now.

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@jflory7 thank you for the access. Merged now :grinning:

@jflory7 Just curious to know how you made the toc on the top. I looked at the changes made and could only see toc and nothing below. I thought I would see page sections with their hyperlinks.

Super, thanks @ramyaparimi! :tada:

AsciiDoc / Antora creates the table of contents automatically at the top based on the headings used in the file. More information on table of contents below:


@jflory7 thats very cool. Thank you for the resource.