#99 Create diversity project in Taiga (Fedora hosted instance)
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Create diversity project in Taiga (Fedora hosted instance) when it is ready.
Taiga - https://taiga.io/ is a free, open source project management tool and according to the Fedora strategic direction (https://communityblog.fedoraproject.org/fedora-strategy-faq-part-1-what-is-actually-changing/ ), Fedora projects should be in Taiga at one single instance.

We can give it a try to create one in advance and then migrate it to the Fedora Taiga instance.

I think we can use the one you created for FWD and we can see if we should create one for the D&I team. Let's test it for FWD

yeah, I started playing with it for FWD, it is in draft stage, I am sure we have more to play with it.
For quick reference - FWD Project in Taiga - https://tree.taiga.io/project/amita-fedora-women-day-2019/timeline

I am -1 to Kanban boards just because of the sheer work in managing it - and it's worse if this responsibility falls on one person. Unless the FWD board helps us improve in some metric like more speed in task completion, more collaboration etc. , I feel strongly against having more places to manage.

Let's see how we do with FWD one. Thanks for your inputs @bee2502

I agree with @bee2502 but for different reasons. If the team is both very short of people and those people are very short of time, I think adding more management points is a bad idea unless they have a proven track record of adding contributors. As much as I am a fan of Taiga and its use in Fedora, this track record does not yet exist. D&I should be late to this party, imho.

Makes sense, thanks @bex for inputs. Let's put this on hold until the best suitable time.

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Given the previous discussion, I am closing this ticket as out of scope for now. :clapper: We can always revisit later if we have lots of spare time to work on this and make an action plan.

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