#74 Publish call for mentors article on Fedora Outreachy Dec 2018 Round
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We are half way through the May-August Outreachy round so it's time to think about the next round :)

Some details
Because Fedora did not participate last round, we have a credit from last round to sponsor one intern.
We need to get a call for mentors and project out. Beginning of August for Flock is too late to start this process but we can finish up and review then.

We can track further items on the mentored-projects items but I wanted to start out here.

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2 years ago

Thanks @labbott for opening this ticket. We can start the process of calling out for mentors and project. A magazine post will be good for this as we did last year to start with. Then we can use social media to share the post with wider audience in order to get maximum participation.

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2 years ago

Amita to send mail for asking help to write the article for the outreachy article on commops and diversity list with the last year's post link.

I want to make sure this gets rolling before Flock happens so I wrote a draft of the blog post on the commblog https://communityblog.fedoraproject.org/?p=6072&preview=true&preview_id=6072. Please take a look.

@labbott Thanks for writing this up, Laura. I'll work on scheduling it tomorrow.

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Let's also announce this need during the plenary sessions on Day 1 of Flock (coordinate with me to remind me and tell me who will speak), on the last day during the wrap up (same) and in the GSoC session (see @bee2502)

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2 years ago

I added a few links, a featured image, and relevant tags. It is currently scheduled for Monday, July 30, 2018 at 08:00 UTC. Thanks @labbott for writing this.

See a pre-published preview here.

Closing this issue as complete. :clapper:

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