#44 Request for FWD in Guwahati, India
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I am hoping to organize a mini FWD in my college. It is an informal meetup, mainly because there are many students who are interested in contributing to Open Source and Fedora but do not know how to get started.

The wiki page: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FWD_Guwahati_2017

No budget required

I am sorry because I know it is way past the deadlines, but the event couldn't be finalized earlier due to the mid term examinations and break after that. This week is the only week it will be possible to organize it. Hoping we can still make this happen.

@bee2502 @jflory7 @amsharma @jonatoni @x3mboy

+1 as no budget requested and something is better than nothing :)

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2 years ago

+1 for the event, since budget is not an issue. More FWD events are always good. Hope the event is a success, we succesfully onboard these interested girls to Fedora community and do click pictures at the event!

As I wrote you even on the mailing list, I'm very happy to see another FWD happening :laughing: Lets us know if you need our help and best of luck :smile:

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2 years ago

@chhavi please add your event here where we have listed all the FWD.

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2 years ago

@chhavi please share here the link of your event report, because I saw it somewhere but I cannot find it now and I will collect all of them in one place. Also, do you have FAS usernames of your FWD attendees so I can award the badge to them?

@jonatoni Here is the event report.

I will let you know the FAS usernames, they were all newcomers. So I have to catch up on them and see. Thank you :)

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2 years ago

Given the event report above, is there anything left to follow up on with this ticket? Or can it be closed as complete?

Thanks for the event report @chhavi, you can send me an email if you have FAS usernames to award the badge.

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2 years ago

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