#235 Docs proposal: Change from docs.fp.o/diversity-inclusion/ to docs.fp.o/dei/
Opened 2 months ago by jflory7. Modified a month ago


Use a redirect and change the URL of our team Docs Website from docs.fp.o/diversity-inclusion/ to docs.fp.o/dei/


I have two motivations to propose this change:

  1. A shorter and easier to type URL for all things related to D.E.I. in Fedora Community
  2. To actively reflect our team's evolving focus since launching in 2015 across our team's digital identities (like the Docs Website)

Steps to solve

We should check with the Docs Team or find help from someone who knows more about creating redirects of content for Fedora Docs. I have two ideas of how this could be accomplished:

  1. The Docs team could create a redirect in the Antora config from the old namespace to the new namespace
  2. Fedora Infrastructure could rewrite requests at a DNS level to substitute /dei/ for /diversity-inclusion/ in all Fedora Docs requests

I'm not sure if there is a preferred way of solving this kind of problem in Fedora. It would be good to check in with both teams, preferably at the same time or same ticket.


A shorter and more memorable Docs Website URL that also reflects our evolution as a team

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a month ago

While this task does not technically require #241 to be completed, I think it makes sense to try and roll this together with it so we can make several updates to the docs in one go.

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