#223 Standard Social Agreement for teams & team meetings
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Our team has been using a social agreement for our team meetings, and we have seen other teams using them recently as well (web & apps, ambassadors).

Our social agreement:
- Focus on listening
- Stay present as much as possible, refrain from email/chat/etc
- Let everyone have a chance to speak, be aware of how much time you are talking
- Be mindful of the meeting schedule and help to move the dialog forward
- Use the raise hand function
- Stay on mute when you are not speaking

In our last DEI meeting the content of our agreement came up, as there was a change suggested, to remove or change "Assume good intent". This phrase is problematic, so we removed it for the time being, but we would like to make an addition to replace that.

Beyond that change, we would like to do some further research, potentially make more changes, and publish as a recommended social agreement for any Fedora team to take on for their meetings and team dynamics.

What is the reason behind removing this? Can we get some more context here please? Just wish to understand this.

Discussed in 2022-12-05 video meeting.

We revisited this issue with the intent of getting it published in the DEI Team documentation. We are opening a final call for revisions and feedback to the social agreement, and then we can codify it in our team docs. This extends to the end of 2022, so we could add this into our docs in early 2023.

I suggested we publish this either a new section or a new page in the Recommended Resources section of our team docs. Once the documentation is updated, this issue can be closed.

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@jonatoni and I reviewed this ticket while going through @rwright's HackMD pad with all of our Pagure tickets. This does exist in our docs now. The need to document this as a standard approach is solved, but there is more that could be done to promote and share this social agreement for other teams and Fedora SIGs.


Let's drive that work in a new GitLab issue. I am not going to open a new one right now, but if someone has an idea on how to do that outreach and promotion, we can do so then. For now, I am closing this issue as complete.

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