#217 Fedora DEI quarterly newsletter
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I am sure a lot has happened and happening in the team (as I was away due to my personal loss this year) and I am also sure there are others like me who come and go because of reasons but always want to stay in touch with major highlights and want to take a quick look/read what is going on in the team.

A quarterly newsletter in mailing list or in magazine or wherever possible with major Fedora DEI highlights can be a good way to keep people connected. WDYT?

I do love the idea. Logistics are a thing we would have to take into a account. With the more video meetings I think this is a lot easier to make happen. It also would help say to the rest of fedora some of the projects that are currently being worked on.

From @mouse:
We have spoken about this over the last couple of meetings and we are in agreement that it is a problem with doing something regular. We spoke about combining with Mindshares newsletter. We ultimatly decided against it because we are a different team. Our final consensus was to do a less regular blog post when we have news to bring to the community. A good example of which would be our name change.

We discussed this in today's DEI team meeting. Notes:
- Since we have been trying to kick this for months now, we think publishing quarterly might be too ambitious a goal to start. We were thinking we could do this bi-annually in an effective way. The idea would be to time the newsletters strategically around the Fedora Mentor Summit (spring) and Fedora Week of Diversity (fall) to help promote them, or to talk about the results of these events
- We would like to add a section that promotes and raises visibility on other DEI efforts/teams/initiatives/resources in the greater FOSS/tech ecosystem
- We would like to highlight our participation in the Outreachy program as well

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