#2 Define onboarding steps for bringing in new members
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Discussed in 2016-08-09 meeting.


It's not currently clear what steps someone needs to follow in order to become a part of the Diversity Team.

Background analysis

Since we have a FAS group now and are looking at creating a badge soon, we will want to spend the time working on clear guidelines for what newcomers to the Diversity Team have to do in order to become involved.

Ideally, for the Diversity Team, even if someone is experienced in D&I from other places or if they are a general newcomer to the whole thing, we will want them to have an understanding and idea of what the Fedora community is like. fedbadges#409 lists the following badges for how someone can become "bootstrapped" with the Fedora Project. From that ticket, I've taken a few that I think we could recommend as a bare minimum to earn first before being sponsored:

  • Baby Badger (logging into badges.fp.o)
  • Curious Penguin (asking a question in ask.fp.o)
  • Involvement (signing FPCA)
  • Mugshot (adding picture to libravatar)
  • Speak Up! (participate in a meeting)
  • Macaron Cookie (get a karma cookie from someone in IRC (tatica++)
  • Origin (adding location in FAS)
  • Junior Tagger (voting on package tags in apps.fp.o/tagger)
  • Junior Package Tagger (adding tags in apps.fp.o/tagger)
  • White Rabbit (adding time zone to FAS)

In addition, an introduction on the mailing list and meeting participation would be welcome and encouraged.


  1. Agree on onboarding steps
  2. Create wiki page for Diversity/Join
  3. Organize steps in clear, easy to understand format
  4. Create badge for onboarding new members
  5. Close this ticket

Despite everyone is welcome to be part of the Diversity Team, the approval of it has to be taken under really close care. The faces of the Diversity Team must be people that not only contribute to the team, but also be people who can accept everyone differences and work with everyone in a healthy environment.

Diversity Team members need to be people that always try to find the most peaceful solution to adversity, have a deep understanding of the community, find it easy to speak with others, has a heart that can deal with sensitive issues and is a fantastic member of the community.

This is a Team that will require that the new members have some time already at the community, this is not a team that can be joined by new members. First, you must join other teams and work with the Fedorians closely.

I agree with tatica here. It needs a lot more responsibility to be in diversity team. People trust you to solve there issues which they don't want to go in public.

@tatica @amsharma I also agree that the team isn't something that would be best suited for completely new contributors. However, there might be people from other open source communities or projects with relevant information who may be interested in helping us from their own experiences.

My follow-up question to this is what tasks can we identify for newcomers to the Diversity Team? If someone introduces themselves on the mailing list and says, "How can I help?", what kind of answers would we provide? If we can identify some beginning tasks to let people get their hands dirty, this would be helpful for us to bring more excited and passionate people aboard along the way. :smile:

If someone introduces themselves on the mailing list and says, "How can I help?", what kind of answers would we provide?

As Ambassadors program, this is a "People" role, so one of the first tasks this person needs to do is to either interact at their local group (if it doesn't exist, then go to local groups with similar interests, either diversity or linux) and start encouraging people to interact more openly with everyone's differences. Probably start a support group with their local communities would be a plus as well.

This is not a group to earn status, this is a group only for those who have a deep understanding on how community works and how actions can affect others inside it.

Okay, thanks @tatica. With this feedback in mind, I just created a rough draft of a Diversity Join page. I'd be curious to know what all of your thoughts are on this. We can also cover this at a meeting too.

@jflory7 thank you so much and great efforts to make a join page. @jflory7++
Just one thing, if we can point to the events wiki page created to https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Diversity_Events and say "if you have helped organizing some events locally, would also be a plus" .

@amsharma Done, I added this little line into the self-introduction section:

Involved with any local events or programs? If you do any in-person advocacy for Linux, Fedora, or diversity in tech, tell us about how you're involved. (Also consider adding your event to the Diversity Events wiki page!)

Has to be involved in any diversity effort, not just attend or organize Linux Events. Mandatory.

@tatica Think this ticket is good to close?

I think we need to work a bit more on the onboarding process for Diversity team members. I would love to discuss this in the upcoming meeting.

@jflory7 Is there a badge proposal for Diversity team yet ?

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I can take up this ticket about having a strategy for onboarding newcomers.

Specifically for the badge design, it would be greatly appreciated if you go through the current design and leave your comments on this ticket. I can them consolidate the feedback and post it in design ticket. Please leave your feedback for the badge before next meeting, so we have the badge production ready asap.

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@amsharma Can you add a link to the work you have been doing in this area ?

Btw guys don't you think that we have listed a lot of badges there that people need to have in order to be part of the Diversity team? For example: what if they don't have the curious penguin badge because they don't have any question on their mind to post at 'Ask Fedora'? I would propose to reduce the number of the badges, maybe 5 in total.

What do you think?

@jonatoni +1

@bee2502 here is the list of links, which can be easily converted to action items and can be done (same was shared on ML subject - [diversity] Encouraging new contributors and engage the existing contributors in Open Source )

  1. http://drbacchus.com/retaining-community-contributors/
  2. http://stormyscorner.com/2017/04/3-ways-open-source-software-communities-could-learn-from-crossfit.html
  3. http://drbacchus.com/3-ways-you-find-the-right-type-of-contributor-and-where-to-find-them/
  4. https://blogs.gnome.org/bolsh/2017/04/10/encouraging-new-community-members/

I have planned to map these guidelines to the action items which can be taken by team. I have also started experimenting few of them (must have seen some new introductions on ML) :)

If you have something in mind, please feel free to share.

@amsharma These links are exactly what I talk about in #20 about small talks/posts about educating Fedora community on how to foster diversity and inclusion in community and how each member can help. What do you think ?

For this ticket, I think we need to discuss and decide on who can join Fedora Diversity team and what do we mean by 'joining' Fedora Diversity team. Then we can work on exact onboarding steps and this will then go on wiki.

Specific questions I have -

  1. What does being a part of Fedora Diversity team mean ?
  • Is it just being sponsored into FAS group ? What access this give one ?
  • Can everyone comment on Pagure ticket, attend meetings, subscribe to mailing list even if thet are not a part of Diversity FAS ?
  1. Who can join Fedora Diversity team ?
  • There was an earlier suggestion that someone who is atleast a Fedora contributor for six months can only become a part of the team. What are the current thoughts on this ?
  • For onboarding steps, it should be such that the contributor comes out with overall knowledge about different parts of the project.

@jonatoni Are these the 5 you are talking about ?

Baby Badger (logging into badges.fp.o)
Involvement (signing FPCA)
Speak Up! (participate in a meeting)
Origin (adding location in FAS)
White Rabbit (adding time zone to FAS)

There is a discussion between me and Justin (While he is in India) about present state of members in the group and it turns out to be a generic common challenge all across the Fedora sub projects that keeping track of the members activity track is difficult and requires manual work to some extent and other challenges.

Here is what we are coming up with - https://etherpad.gnome.org/p/fas-account-discussion
This is still under discussion and it will help us further shaping up our on-boarding process.

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@jonatoni Are these the 5 you are talking about ?
Baby Badger (logging into badges.fp.o)
Involvement (signing FPCA)
Speak Up! (participate in a meeting)
Origin (adding location in FAS)
White Rabbit (adding time zone to FAS)

@bee2502 yes, I think these 5 badges that you have mentioned would be a good start for everyone, even for newcomers in our community.

@amsharma @jflory7 I have commented on the etherpad. It would be good if diversity team can discuss this at FLOCK.

Since we have many FWD events planned in September, it would be great to have a onboarding process ready before then.

I have been thinking about this for some time. If someone is truly motivated to contribute to improving diversity and inclusion, I don't think we should create an entry barrier just because they have less experience in Fedora community itself. Instead, we can engage them in such a way that they learn more about Fedora community (i.e. by trying to get them to contribute to other teams, involving them in simple tasks for which we need help from other Fedora teams). It feels to me that because we have been trying to have something uniform for everyone i.e. new as well as established Fedora contributors, we haven't been able to successfully onboard and grow this team much.

Here is my suggestion for onboarding strategy:

  • For someone who is new to Fedora community
  1. Ask them to explore Fedora badges and possibly collect the ones mentioned above so that they know different parts of Fedora community.
  2. Suggest them to get involved and communicate with different teams in Fedora so that they can help with D&I better.
  3. Involve them in low-level tasks we seek help from other teams for eg. helping create Fedora community-oriented videos, subtitling our D&I resources (videos etc) in local languages and other accessible formats. I think #33 could be a good starting ticket here.
  4. Leveraging their local network and FOSS involvement for outreach events
    eg. If somebody is a member of the local PyLadies group, we can involve them to help organize a FWD in their community.

Once they are an active contributor in Fedora community (also beyond D&I) for some time, we can take a decision on subscribing them to Diversity FAS. Like Design team, we can include them in FAS group after they successfully help us with few tasks related to our ongoing work. Duration of involvement with Fedora community shouldn't be the deciding factor (eg. like in APAC ambassadors) - someone can create a FAS account a year before and do nothing while others can just contribute a lot in first few months.

  • For an existing Fedora community member
  1. Which teams are they involved with? Can they facilitate cross-team communication to foster diversity and inclusion across project?
  2. High-level tasks involving planning and strategy
  3. Leveraging their local network and FOSS involvement for outreach events
    eg. If they are involved with other FOSS projects, can they help us with succesful D&I practises implemented there? Can they help us establish contacts in their local community for D&I oriented outreach events?
  4. How would they like to assist in fostering diversity and inclusion in Fedora?

I support our meetings and mailing list being open to everyone interested even if they are not a part of Diversity FAS yet (which is already the case, so +1).

Please vote on this new onboarding process by next meeting i.e 23.03.2018. If someone is against the current suggestion, please leave constructive feedback about your vote so we can use it to make amendments to the current suggestion.
@amsharma @jflory7 @jonatoni @rhea @x3mboy @chhavi and others too whom I missed.

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@bee2502 Maybe it would be better to file this as a new ticket. This ticket is two years old and has a lot of unrelated content to your proposal. I like what you have suggested so far. It may be easier to discuss and move forward on if broken down into smaller pieces.

Issue #65 links to this further

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