#194 Brainstorm topic modules and outline structure in D&I docs
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Identify new modules for D&I documentation and create skeleton structure in docs.fp.o/en-US/diversity-inclusion/


On 21 March 2021, the D&I Team held a team meet-up to discuss the history, present, and future of the team. One outcome of the discussion was a new focus on the kinds of information we publish in our documentation site. There are opportunities now to think about our documentation more strategically, thanks to the upkeep work done in 2020.

This allows us to build a contribution pathway for working with the D&I Team through sharing and contributing knowledge to a community-wide resource. It enables us to be a voice of expertise and leadership in areas where the Fedora Community needs support.

Questions we thought about in the meet-up:

  • Is there a better way to capture the work we do?
  • How to get started with the Fedora Community / D&I Team?
  • How to help other Fedora Community members?
  • How to continue helping?


To successfully complete this ticket, we need to brainstorm a list of modules, or areas of knowledge, we want to focus on first. Each module should have lots of room for new content underneath that module. Some examples of modules brainstormed during our meet-up are below:

  • Promotion/Marketing
  • Events (already exists, but could use more content)
  • Outreach/Support/Resource Library

We should aim for at least one but at most three modules, to kick-start this effort off. Once we agree on a final list of modules, we need a volunteer to update the documentation site with new skeleton structure for the modules. The team can share feedback or more guidance on how to do this with the volunteer if needed.

To summarize, there are two key actions to close this ticket:

  1. Identify at least 1 but no more than 3 modules to focus on for one to two months.
  2. Create new modules in Fedora D&I Team docs.


  • Share the knowledge, expertise, and wisdom from this team and our sister communities back to the Fedora Community
  • Create more opportunities for people to contribute to the D&I Team

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