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Hi folks! As you know we are putting together a virtual meetup (shooting for March), see ticket #189 and if you have yet to fill in availability, please mark it here: https://framadate.org/fed-DI-virtual-march-2021

This ticket is specific to choosing a fun activity/event for the meetup. We had a good experience using https://teambuilding.com/ for the Release Party events, so I was thinking we can use the same for the meetup. If anyone has reservations about using this company, or know of something rad that I am most likely unaware of, feel free to share in a comment.

The events they offer range, we chose 4 options that we felt fit for our team during the last D&I meeting. Please comment with your favorite option :)

Virtual Office Games: https://teambuilding.com/events/online-office-games
Murder Mystery: https://teambuilding.com/events/murder-mystery
Storytelling workshop: https://teambuilding.com/events/storytelling-workshops
Kindness quest: https://teambuilding.com/events/kindness-quest

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I emailed teambuilding.com to get things rolling, and they provided options/breakdowns for the Murder Mystery event.. see below!

Murder Mystery Option#1

Click here to see a quick demo reel: https://teambuilding.com/events/murder-mystery#video

Difficulty level: Intermediate

Death of an Alchemist: Murder in Queen Elizabeth's Court

Pricing is $43.20 per person or a minimum flat rate of $432 with smaller group sizes of 10 or less people.

Event Description:

Murder Mystery 2.0 - There's been (another) murder! The apprentice of famous magician John Dee died under mysterious circumstances, practically outside the Queen's door! Join a research lab to solve puzzles and earn clues to solve the murder. Warning: This game contains murder, magic, political intrigue, learning, and fun.

Everyone who joins the game gets to be a JUNIOR MURDEROLOGIST… which is a very serious and official title and absolutely not something we made up. The team or teams that solve the mystery graduate to full MURDEROLOGISTS. What an honor!Teams work to unravel codes and puzzles hidden in diaries and letters found in Queen Elizabeth's court. One code is hidden in what appears to be a love letter -- but actually contains a dire warning for the Queen's spymaster! Solving puzzles relies on teamwork, logic, and searching for hints hidden right in plain sight. Teams will also compete in fast-paced challenges against other teams that take the form of trivia or speed scavenger hunts

Murder Mystery Option#2

Murder in Ancient Egypt

Difficulty level - Advanced

Pricing is $43.20 per person or a minimum flat rate of $432 with smaller group sizes of 10 or less people.

Your host will announce that there has been a murder in Ancient Egypt (this is a true story). You are given 4-5 suspects and a little background behind the incident.

You will be sent into breakout rooms to solve riddles in order to receive additional clues. These riddles are crypto-based, numbers based, puzzles, and pictures. You are given very little time to solve each riddle before you are forced back into the main room for another riddle. (The clock is ticking!)

After all of the clues have been shared, one representative from each team will present their case based on the clues that have been solved. The finale will be a narration of the true story of this Murder Mystery and the team closest to the true story is the winner.

**This is a very challenging Murder Mystery puzzle & more like an escape room. We want to keep it a bit more challenging so that one team is clearly the closest to the true story. This is 90 minutes. You'll need all the time you can get!

Murder Mystery Option #3

Murder in the Speakeasy

Difficulty level: Most advanced

Pricing is $43.20 per person or a minimum flat rate of $432 with smaller group sizes of 10 or less people.

The year is 1923, prohibition is in full swing, and a young female

socialite is found murdered in the Krazy Kat speak easy.

This fictional murder mystery will feature the club (a real location!) and real characters who would have visited it, including owner and famous set designer Cleon Francis "Throck" Throckmorton, George Merrimen (creator of the Krazy Kat comic strip), and famous musicians and politicians who would have stopped by for a quick drink. You'll work in teams to solve puzzles to unravel the story of what really happened that fateful night. Go back in time to the Roaring 20s to crack the case of Daisy Oei's murder.

@riecatnor Sorry for being so late to this. The Storytelling Workshop was actually my best fit because I also feel like it aligns well to the work we have done. That said, I'll see if other folks have opinions on what we do too. :)

This is happening today at 12pm U.S. EDT. We are doing a storytelling workshop! Closing this ticket as complete since it is all scheduled and arranged.

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