#174 Fixing links of Talking Points in FWD Resource Pack
Closed: complete 2 years ago by jflory7. Opened 2 years ago by nasirhm.

Currently In our FWD Organizer Resource Pack,

It has some links referring to some Wiki pages for Talking Points focused on the latest release.

I wonder If it'll be a good idea to change the link to a Release Notes page (or something similar) ?

@nasirhm Nice idea.

@pbokoc, do you have any pointers on what a good way to link out to the release notes might be from our docs site?

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2 years ago

I wouldn't mind doing some work on this page.
It could be worthwhile to use both the Fedora magazine and the release notes links and preface that the fedora magazine link gives a general overview of talking points (which would be helpful for newer organizers to have a bit more structure and direction) whereas the release notes would give someone the ability to get into more detail if they so desired.


Under the Fedora Objectives heading, there is a link that just goes back to the same page. this could also be fixed.

I actually would like to propose to give this page a bit of a revamp in general and would love to undertake that if that would be cool with others. I think that it could be made a bit more helpful for organizers with some layout changes and some changes to content: such as making the section focused on python to be a part of a broader section that provides resources of multiple fedora labs so that organizers could have quick access to a few different workflow topics to present on.

Would it also be useful to include some information about our shift to virtual events with Hopin as well?

I don't mean to take this thread off topic, but I would like to propose a bigger project for this page that the edits in this ticket could be a part of.

Seems like an interesting idea @lilyx , I am wondering if we can make use of the :MAJOROSVER: 32 Partial Attribute and link the docs.fp.o and Fedora Magazine as a Link.

Although, I wonder if there's a way to link the Release Notes, as It's available internally in Fedora Docs like we've linked other docs within docs.fp.o: <DOCS_NAME>:ROOT:PAGE

PR #182 from @lilyx updated the links using the MAJOROSVER variable :tada: This will carry us over and also helps us keep it updated more easily across releases.

I'm going to close this as complete, thanks @lilyx!

For your bigger thoughts, let's take that to #122. I think we are ready to take that one on now. :smile:

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