#165 Restructure entire D&I Docs for easy navigation
Closed: complete 8 months ago by jflory7. Opened 10 months ago by orionstar25.

Current Docs structure: here
Proposed new Docs structure: here

This ticket is just a base ticket to check the progress of restructuring of all sections of the D&I Docs.
Discussion related to overall structure can be tracked here. Discussion related to individual sections should be tracked in their respective tickets.

Please feel free to add comments on the links above.

Section-wise tickets:
- D&I in Fedora: #166
- D&I Events: #167
- Events Resource Pack: #168
- Demographic Survey: #169
- D&I Meetings Guide: #170

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8 months ago

Well, here we are! All of the above tickets were completed! :tada: #166, #167, #168, #169, and #170.

Thanks @lilyx and @ramyaparimi for working on these and helping us get these done! I am not going to lie, we probably have one of the coolest docs sites in Fedora. :sunglasses: Now we can finally focus on more exciting things like the Resource Pack and documenting our events.

Closing as complete! This was a big win for team :grinning:

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8 months ago

Yayyyy so very happy to see this ticket closed and completed!!! Thank you @jflory7 :grinning:

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