#16 Write official and individual reports covering Diversity FAD
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Discussed in 2017-02-08 meeting.


Now that the Diversity FAD has concluded ( #8 ), we need to write an official report on the Community Blog, and individuals are encouraged to write their own reports for their own blogs or publishing platform of choice.


One of the questions I heard most during DevConf when people found out about our FAD was, "Awesome! What happens in a Diversity FAD?" Ideally, our reports should help answer this question and show what we worked on, what we accomplished, and what our goals for the future are. In the official report, tying it back to the logic model will be important to communicate how we met our originally proposed goals.

The drafting of this post will likely take place in an Etherpad, and then be converted over to a Community Blog post after peer review / editing by the team. Progress on this will be updated in this ticket.


  1. Begin drafting official report in Etherpad ( @jflory7 + @amsharma )
  2. Share final draft with team, get feedback
  3. Export to Community Blog post, share and publish

FIRST DRAFT DUE: Monday, 2017 February 13

Existing posts

Individual blog posts can be found below. If you write your own post, please add a comment in the ticket linking your post!

A final draft of the FAD report is in the CommBlog and request for comments solicited on the mailing list.

Ticket closed

The official report for the Community Blog was published this week. Check out the final report for more information!

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