#153 Fedora Ambassadors Revamp 2020: Community Survey
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Hello D&I people! I am Mariana and together @sumantrom we are volunteering to lead the Ambassadors Revamp process. Here's the wiki link with the Fedora Ambassador Program Revamp Proposal: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_Ambassadors_Revamp_2020

As you will see on the wiki page above, there is a plan of action for every team/ group within the Fedora Project.

The Fedora Diversity & Inclusion team can help us by running a survey addressed to the community that will help us highlight what is that makes the current ambassadors stay in the project and what are the current trends. The survey will help to collect more information on what works best for the ambassadors and what are potential blockers for them. The description of the survey is also on the wiki page above.

Here are the questions for the survey:
- What attracted you to become an Ambassadors/CommOps/Advocates/Join?
- What are your current Ambassadors/CommOps/Advocates/Join responsibilities?
- How many events did you attend this year and talk/discuss about Fedora?
- What is the process you are using to complete these?
- What would you like to be doing as an Ambassadors/CommOps/Advocates/Join?
- What lessons do you think we need to learn from the evolution of the Ambassadors/CommOps Advocates/Join programs?
- What functions do you think are outdated?
- What do you see other organizations doing that you think works well?
- What kind of things do you want to see CommOps focusing on?
- What could you be doing even more of if you had the resources?
- What has kept you from joining Ambassadors/CommOps/Join SIG?

I am creating this ticket to continue the discussion regarding the survey here. :)

Hi D&I team!
I met today with Sumantro and Mariana, and we wanted to give some additional information to help guide this process. We also would like to organize a call for us to meet and provide more context and answer any questions. Below are additional points that need to be considered/included in the process.

Time line
What is possible? Capacity?
Mid October finish line, is this possible?

Think about formatting
How will each question be formatted?
Examples: open ended, scale, yes/no, etc

Question refinement
Is this inclusive of everything we might want to know? These questions were written on the fly, they are a good basis, but they should be analysed and improved.

Where and how often do we want to promote the survey?
How long do we want the actual survey to run?

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Thanks for opening this ticket @marianab. I added this ticket to our meeting agenda for tomorrow (27 August 2020) at 14:00 UTC in #fedora-diversity. You and any other Mindshare reps are welcome to join. :) cc: @sumantrom

Some quick points on my side:

  • Our old survey questions: Excluding the personally-identifying information (P.I.I.) questions, there are questions about Fedora the Operating System that would be good to know. e.g. I want to know how many Fedora contributors actually run Fedora -- I hypothesize it is more varied than we think!
  • Timeline: September/October are usually the heaviest months of the year for our team because of Fedora Women's Day pre- and post-event follow-ups.
  • Outreach: Back in the day for the D&I survey, we wanted to send this to all active FAS accounts registered. I still think this is the best approach.

Will bring this up in the meeting. I don't have much bandwidth for new meetings, but it would be great if we could have your presence during our D&I meetings. They happen twice per month.

@jflory7 I have the D&I meeting on my calendar, I will attend.

FYI, the D&I meeting overlaps with the Fedora Social hour that also happens every two weeks during that time slot. No solutions here, or need to change, just pointing that out :)

Discussed in 2020-08-27 meeting.

@riecatnor, @marianab, and @sumantrom: In the meeting, we determined the most useful way for the D&I Team to work on this is to provide async feedback on the list of questions. I have two asks on your part to make this easier for the D&I Team to work on asynchronously:

  1. Could you please create a temporary Etherpad with the list of questions? This way, we can collaborate in real-time and leave notes (instead of long comments in tickets, which gets hard to track over time).
  2. Once you have an Etherpad, please post to our mailing list with a link to the Etherpad, this ticket, and a clear ask to review the questions.

We can follow up on this ticket at our next meeting on 10 September 2020.

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This came up in the Council meeting and I realized it didn't make the meeting agenda from earlier today. Oops! It is tagged for follow-up in our next meeting.

Hey D&I team! We worked on this survey, and we really need more sets of eyes on it.

Think about these kinds of questions as you review:
Is it inclusive?
Are we gathering enough info? Too much info?
Are we gathering the right info to build a new program?
Do the formats of each questions seem correct?
Do you think we are missing anything?


Heya everyone :)

I just sent an email to the D&I mailing list regarding this ticket. Let me know what your thoughts are on this. :)


We had no reply for this here nor at the mailing list so I am closing this issue. 😉


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Oops! I forgot we had this ticket here too. Thanks for following up @marianab. I left feedback in mindshare#244. I think the edit to the regions question will be helpful from a D&I perspective.

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