#150 Organize a D&I docs hack session once or twice a month
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Schedule a one-hour call to work on D&I docs and get help with the docs either once or twice a month


Back in the day, the CommOps team used to lead hack sessions. These were informal chats where we would work on tasks and action items together. There was usually no agenda and it like a co-working space to ask questions if you need help.

In the last D&I team meeting, we discussed these again in the context of our docs. Once or twice a month, a D&I Team member can volunteer to "chair" a hack session for the team. We could start with docs, and maybe explore other topics later on. It is important we cycle the responsibility of who "chairs" or runs the hack session. Even if it is informal, we need someone to take leadership on making the space.


Questions I am thinking about:

  1. Text or audio?
  2. WhenIsGood poll, or pick time zone-specific times based on who will lead?

Once we have answers to these questions, we can make a new Fedocal event and start getting the word out so people might join.


Make opportunities for people to get help and/or collaborate in real time on D&I tickets and tasks

I think audio is easier to guide people through edits and review etc and those who are not able to join audio can always participate through IRC.

Discussed in 2020-08-27 meeting.

This is now scheduled and added into the Fedocal. I picked a time that worked well for me and @ashlyna since she was interested in a follow-up from our post-meeting chat today.

Calendar URL: https://apps.fedoraproject.org/calendar/meeting/9800/

I also sent a calendar invite to a few people who I thought might be interested in it. Let me know if you want a calendar invite too.

Closing this ticket as complete. Let's see how these go at a monthly interval. We can revisit later if needed.

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