#149 FWD 2020: Connectivity Fund
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In support of virtual FWD's this year, launch a new Connectivity Fund to better include folks with participation barriers (e.g. Internet, audio, child care, etc.)


This is inspired by the RightsCon Connectivity Fund. Specific excerpts from how RightsCon did it are below:

For RightsCon Online, we’re launching a new Connectivity Fund to provide direct financial support for participants to connect and engage.

Session organizers, speakers, and participants can apply for three levels of funding support ($50 USD, $100 USD, or $150 USD), which they can use for:

  • Direct connecting: Purchasing data top-ups or contributing to the cost of internet use;
  • Support connecting: Travel to internet cafes or community centers to access computers;
  • Secure connecting: Supplementing secure participation, by purchasing privacy screens or VPNs;
  • Other support: Cost of childcare or other services enabling active engagement.

Given a large portion of our FWD events in the past are in areas where digital infrastructure can be a mixed bag, we should look at the COVID-19 as a new opportunity to continue partnering with folks who help carry the Fedora flag in places that are not always well-represented at the top level of the Fedora Community.


In IRC/Telegram, feedback was positive towards offering this for local organizers and speakers. There was not full consensus on whether any attendee should be eligible (mostly because we don't know how many people might request support). To move this forward, I propose deciding an upper-limit on the financial support we offer, and open applications to anyone who wishes to participate in a FWD.

We did not talk about financial sponsorship with GNOME ( #148 ), but if we did get an overwhelming amount of requests, we could explore creative options to build funding for this. While I want to be sure we do not promise things we cannot deliver, I do want to encourage us to be creative in how we meet whatever demand there is for this.

This is a great opportunity to rock the First Foundation and be willing to be bold and try something different for our Fedora Friends who live in all kinds of places.


  • Set up an application where attendees, speakers, or organizers can apply for a funding package
  • Coordinate with @riecatnor on best way to reduce friction with Fedora budgeting

These two things should (hopefully) broaden the impact we can have with this event, and also be a role model to other Free Software projects who support diverse groups of people all around the world.

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Hi all. I still think this is an excellent idea. But with COVID-19 and the sudden change to all virtual events, I think we underbudgeted the "people" capacity to pull this off. I hope we can revisit this for future events, even after the pandemic.

I am closing as stale because we won't be able to coordinate this in the two weeks leading up to FWD 2020.

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