#120 Update D&I events page for current / past events
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Update D&I events docs page to account for events we supported in the past and events we are currently supporting


The D&I events page was created to track the different outreach efforts we have supported over the years. This was originally a wiki page that was moved over to the Fedora Docs site. When it was originally written, we were only doing a few things and it wasn't a detailed page.

Since then, we have done a few things. Some events we are no longer running on a repeating basis because we do not have bandwidth. But it is still good to note the past work we have done. We are also supporting Fedora Women's Day and different types of outreach at the Fedora conference, Flock. It would be good to account for the things we have done more recently.


Possible closing criteria for this ticket could be:

  • Add new sections for "Current events" and "Past events"
  • Reorganize existing content into one of these two sections
  • Add content for things we have done more recently (Flock 2019 and Flock 2018 schedules are good places to look)


D&I events page more accurately reflects what we have done in the last 1-2 years and shows things we have done in the past, but are not currently organizing (e.g. LGBTQ awareness day)

I was thinking about this more, and I thought it might be better to create specific pages for events we are currently doing, and move the existing "D&I events" page to "Past events". I am thinking to restructure three pages in our docs as follows:

  • D&I events
  • Fedora Women's Day
    • About FWD
    • Resource pack

Instead, I propose this new structure:

  • Events
    • Past events (was D&I events)
    • Fedora Women's Day (was About FWD)
    • Resource pack (following feedback in #122 to make this less specific to FWD)

Thoughts? If this sounds okay, I can do this work, but this ticket will remain open for someone to update what would become the "Past events" page. I'll wait a day or two before opening a PR, and then we can officially vote in the PR.

I like the Past events idea but I feel like if we keep the Resource pack under the Events section it reduces it's visiblity because you have to click on the section first - but anything is better than the current one.

@jflory7 Are you still interested on working on this task? If not, I think this can be a good newcomer task

I do not have a lot of bandwidth to lead on this. I'm leaving it open for someone else to take up and marking it as a good first issue.

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9 months ago

Hey I'd like to help with this! @bee2502

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9 months ago

Thank you @hirat for taking this one, feel free to ping me if you need any help with Fedora D&I Docs.

@hirat :100: :100: Thanks a lot! This will really help us with updating our teams docs. Please feel free to ask if you have any questions - here or in the IRC/Telegram channel :)

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9 months ago

As a tip, next week at Nest, don't forget to catch Shadow session: How to edit Fedora D&I Team docs. I am going to cover a few different ways on editing the D&I Team docs and best practices to do so! It might help you work on this task too. :smile:

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8 months ago

@hirat How is it going? Do you need any support from us?

hey @hirat, would you be interested in collaborating on this? I would love to help :)

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