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D&I team had a BJN call recently and we had a chance to have good discussion on several different topics. Team feels a need of D&I FAD and here is the idea
D&I hackfest : To be planned for summer 2020. Please note that more details to come in a wiki page. For now, here are some hackfest agenda ideas we discussed in the meeting.

Mini D&I event packages : Packages for meetups, socials, local hackfests, film screenings, skill shares etc.

    This ties into Mindshare $100-150 events.

    This also ties into one of the goals the FPL mentions here for 2020: https://lists.fedoraproject.org/archives/list/devel@lists.fedoraproject.org/thread/ZBU4MYRMMAE2Z7DL4NPPECTMX2FBQAVL/

    Putting together a package might mean different things. But the basis would be: how to request and receive resources (money & swag), marketing materials for before the event, materials for the event. Strategy plan on how to achieve favorable outcomes (new contributors/users & also a general D&I welcome). And also tips and hints on running an event in general.

    This also ties into the resource pack we share with FWD organizers. It's not very detailed but it's the start of what we want to do to help empower local organizers to put together more Fedora events in their own communities. https://docs.google.com/document/d/17_MicCWj4o08VU3HhxcOJ_N7iBGURXgb6o1xaq0y_c0/edit?usp=sharing . This is kind of content with a need for: social media templates for advertisement of the events, posters, ready to go slide deck, suggestions for swag, and also a “how to” to get enabled to do this.

New Contributors Entry Point : Preparing a point of entry for new contributors for "contributor recruitment" initiative. This might mean picking out tasks/responsibilities that are good for newcomers. Creating some kind of mentor cycle, who will take on the next newcomer or setting up a method of communication for group mentorship. Working with the people on the initiative to give feedback/improve the process.

D&I Ideas Session : Planning in an idea session. High in the sky with pie ideas/dreams for Fedora in regards to D&I.

D&I or women's event for Flock : Planning a D&I or women's event for Flock should also be on the list(women’s lunch). This idea can be broadened. The idea that Fedora promotes D&I for D&I sake. For example, we do a session at a *different* events that are not Fedora specific. Say Devconf, or an open source summit, a D&I social "sponsored by Fedora".

Creating Outreach Materials : Another cool agenda item/idea would be to try to focus some outreach. Create some materials (email, blog posts, social media posts) that are strategically sent to groups that would be interested in what we are doing. For example, internal Red Hat Pride group for those of us Red Hatters, local pride and ally groups, diversity in open source groups, diversity in tech groups. Etc

D&I Governance Tickets : Discuss, finalize, and close governance topics/issues on D&I issue tracker.

Social Hours for Fedora by D&I : Calling for Fedora contributors on remote social hours and sharing thoughts/ideas/chatting etc. To make it more engaging/interesting for people to attend, we had the idea to use boardgamearena.com as an activity to bring people together.

I started working in the wiki page for this - https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Diversity_Hackfest_2020 , this is WIP. I will surely need help from @jonatoni @riecatnor and @jflory7 .

Count me in. Due expensive travel I can help remotely.

Count me in. Due expensive travel I can help remotely.

YOu are most welcome and will be a great help in FAD. @tatica please update wiki page with your name and also please help us creating wiki page better :) , thanks

Great! So, some feedback since the info at the wiki is already amazing:

Defining D&I team's goals: Could we add to create a strategy or plan for all events to follow that help us visualize more how Diverse and Open our Fedora community is?

Mini D&I event packages: I could probably help here. There are locations that can receive physical swag, or sometimes event aren't that planed ahead. Having a digital swag folder for each even type (FADs, FWD, D&I Meetups, etc) could help. Probably would like to explore this one further. This item is listed as a secondary goal, but I think it should be moved to primary since swag and marketing assets would help us to have a higher reach.

Secondary Goals: Besides the swag and digital assets, I have a ton of pictures and video assets from various locations and contributors. If more people with videos and photos can provide those to me, I could work on several videos and assets like the one built for FLOCK Budapest.

To sumarize, what we probably could reach in a 3 day-FAD would be:
Clean the ticket queue (as much as possible)
Plan a yearly schedule for events and activities based on important dates (FWDs, Fedora Anniversary, IDPwD, etc) that we could easily fix on time/date worldwide and.
Create, organize and have a ready swag package (either digital/physical or both) ready for this already planned activities.
Define the D&I Governance Structure. Either we will have an advisory position or we will have a round table, it has been a topic open for too long.

Probably would better to discuss over here first before add anything to the wiki, but I'm open to anything!

@tatica proposal looks good to me, please feel free to add these suggestions in the wiki page please.

This is on hold because of coronavirus (COVID 19) and travel restrictions.
We are exploring possibilities for a virtual fest.

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I am going to go out on a branch and close this issue as not possible.

A lot of the ideas for a FAD, we ended up discussing in the FWD 2020 hack session at Nest. I think our new tickets reflect the updated focus and goals of the team. I hope we can revisit an in-person hackfest / FAD sometime in 2021 because I think there are great things we could work through in-person.

However, until the COVID-19 pandemic is better managed worldwide, I think we should come back fresh on hackfest plans once it is safe to plan international travel.

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