#113 Evaluate Summer Coding internship expectations
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Draft a set of guidelines/criteria for Fedora Summer Coding mentors to adopt for evaluating success and performance of interns


A hallway track discussion from Flock was the challenge in objectively evaluating the success of internships underneath the Summer Coding internships. Bias will exist if no criteria is established in advance of these internships. Coming up with a set of guidelines we could use in our Summer Coding projects could be a useful resource for our mentors and interns in measuring success and knowing expectations in advance.

A side note on this, if we draft the guidelines for ourselves, we could share this with the Outreachy organizers to see if they are willing to take our work and maintain it as an official resource for more organizations than just our own. (worth revisiting later)


We could start with these as axes of evaluation, and expand onto each:

  • Scope
  • Autonomy / Leadership
  • Technical Ability / Engineering Excellence
  • Communication
  • Impact on Fedora community

These expectations would be shared with mentors and interns at the start of the internship so expectations are clear upfront. Additionally, we would offer a recommendation to the Summer Coding mentorship team on doing a monthly call to review how internships are progressing based on these criteria.


  • Interns have better expectations of how to be successful beyond only coding
  • Mentors have less personal bias in evaluating their interns
  • Better results from our Summer Coding internship projects at organization level

cc: @bee2502 @sumantrom @labbott

Some helpful resources I have found: https://www.mentorship.guide/
For mentors: https://mentorship.gitbook.io/guide/start-here/mentors-overview
For mentees: https://mentorship.gitbook.io/guide/start-here/mentees-overview
Note: their work is still in progress, so it's not yet finished.

@jflory7 I liked the idea but I also need to be sure we are not making extra work for mentors. Can we give them some framework to be used which can be easy to maintain for such evaluations and not just guidelines? Thoughts?

@jflory7 can you open this ticket at Mindshare, please? @siddharthvipul1 is the Mentored Project Representative at Mindshare, and I believe this ticket falls under this topic.

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Thanks @jonatoni, good point. I opened mindshare#228 to track this. Closing this ticket as moved.

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