#101 D&I Team Goals - 2019 - 2020
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This might be bit late. But better late than never, We need to work on the 2019-20 goals for D&I team like what we want to plan and accomplish during this year. I am sure, It will be another great year for Fedora diversity team.

Though, we all are self motivated to walk on the path of diversity and inclusion and committed to keep Fedora a welcoming community as it is now and even more. But, Defining the goals always help us to be more active and regular and easy to measure the success rate somewhat :)

Here are some of the next year goal (subject to discussion yet, not final). Please feel free to give suggestions to add/modify/delete any of them. Team is open for feedback.

D&I Team Goals and Objectives , 2019

  • Outreachy Summer 2019
  • Fedora Women Day
  • Fedora Diversity Team Presence in Flock, 2019
  • Creating a process to select the D&I Council Representative and Team Lead
  • Determine what content in our community (in Fedora Magazine/ Community
    Blog) we feel must be multi-lingual and collaborate with the L10n team
    to translate it. We will have a process about this because we also need
    to ask the author of the content if they are okay to translate it etc.
  • D&I Project in Taiga
  • Define decision making
  • On-boarding new team members

Please again note that this is just the draft and subject to change. First diversity team members will give the feedback and then we can run them through the council for review. Hope to have another great year for Fedora diversity.

I also created a google document for the ease for inputs, comments, review and feedback. -

Thanks for the ticket @amsharma - I just wanted to add the link for the meeting we will discuss about this: http://whenisgood.net/z9kqp2i (please check your timezone). Everyone is more than welcome to join :smile:

PS: the link is to choose the time of the meeting. Later on I will post the time that works for most of us.

absolutely @jonatoni , just share the agenda doc link too when you are ready with it. Thanks :smile:

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I suggest we discuss this in next meeting in more detail.

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@bee2502 let's create a agenda document for our next meeting and make this one as one of the topic discussion. Hopefully, we can meet next week. Thanks.

@jonatoni @tatica do we want to revisit these goals for coming months?

I think a team call next week is what we need here to kickstart things. If everyone feels the same, we can do a whenisgoodtime and meet over a video call, thoughts?
@nikhilkathole @pyadav @bee2502 @jflory7 ?

I think most of the goals of year 2019 are completed. Some are in progress.
Let's create new ticket for 2020 tasks & goals and we can carry forward the goals, which are currently in InProgress state.

All, What do you think?

@nikhilkathole I agree, let's break things out into smaller tickets for things we want to focus on in 2020. I'll close this ticket out. :thumbsup:

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