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The Design team is working on creating a Fedora Zine to recognize the amazing work done by everyone here in the Fedora Project. The zine will serve as a guide to future contributors as a sneak peek into what Fedora is all about and what kind of work we do. It’s also a fun way for Fedorans to express and showcase their creativity. The zine will be distributed at conferences and events, and a downloadable copy will also be available.  |  https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_Zine
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Fedora Zine

Everything Fedora Zine: discussion, planning, artwork, design, docs

What is this?

This Pagure project is used for the following:

  • Discussion / planning (via issue tickets)
  • Uploading submissions to the zine
  • Storing assets for submissions (PNGs, SVGs, STLs)
  • Documentation

What can I do here?

How do I get involved with the Fedora Zine community?

Become a member of Fedora Zine community by following the steps shown here: Fedora Zine - How to get involved

Where do I…


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