#628 remove networkmanager-gnome from xfce group
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nonamedotc/fedora-comps main  into  main

file modified
@@ -295,7 +295,6 @@ 

        <packagereq type="conditional" requires="pinentry">pinentry-gtk</packagereq>

        <packagereq type="default">gdm</packagereq>

        <packagereq type="default">mousepad</packagereq>

-       <packagereq type="default">NetworkManager-gnome</packagereq>

        <packagereq type="default">openssh-askpass</packagereq>

        <packagereq type="default">thunar-archive-plugin</packagereq>

        <packagereq type="default">thunar-volman</packagereq>

I am starting preparations for bringing xfce 4.16 to EPEL-8.

Aside from xfce 4.16 update, nm-gnome needs to be dropped.

Could you provide some more information? What is replacing it?

network-manager-applet ?

I have not had the chance to look at this yet (still sitting as unread in my inbox :frowning: ).

If I remember correctly, network-manager-applet is, I think the appropriate replacement. This PR is unfortunately incomplete.

Shall we close this for now then?

yes, let's close this for now. I will reopen another PR once I am back=20
from my vacation.

On 5/11/21 6:54 PM, Kevin Fenzi wrote:

kevin commented on the pull-request: remove networkmanager-gnome from = xfce group that you are following:
Shall we close this for now then? =20
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