Community + Operations = CommOps

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Providing tools, resources, and utilities for different sub-projects of Fedora to improve effective communication

What CommOps does

The following areas are examples of where CommOps focuses:

  • Work closely with Fedora Community Action and Impact Coordinator to prioritize key focus areas
  • Assist Fedora Program Manager with release preparations
  • Support preparation and execution of Fedora Elections
  • Work with sub-projects and teams to improve on-boarding methods and practices
  • Use metrics and data to improve understanding of Fedora community
    • Support development of metrics tooling
  • And more

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What can I do here?

File a ticket for topics such as the following:

  • Culture
  • Elections
  • Storytelling
  • Metrics
  • Supporting sub-projects

You can also help us! Read our getting started guide for new contributors to get involved. After reviewing the guide, check out any open tickets marked as good first issue. If you are not sure where to start, ask any questions or doubts on the Discourse forum.

If you think an issue needs more urgent attention, contact the ticket assignee and see if they are working on it. If you don't hear from them within a week, you can take ownership of the task. Because this team is staffed mostly by volunteers, we may not notice new issues immediately when they are filed.

Where to find us

Get in touch with us! You can find us in these places.

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