#82 Move CommOps toolbox to Pagure
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Right now, the Toolbox is a section in the wiki which just compiles the link. This is not very 'developer-friendly'.


It'll be nice to manually move all this tools into the CommOps Pagure group as projects. For projects hosted on Github, we can use the pagure importer tool to move them. If it's elsewhere, the move will have to be done manually. If it's already on Pagure, we could just fork the existing project into the group.

enhancement recommendation

By doing this, we will have a solid place for raising issues about the tools and tracking them under CommOps. This will also provide a platform for the existing or onboarding contributors to do technical contributions to CommOps.

Adding this to the agenda for this weeks meeting.

As far as some of the cool tools we have in there that are on personal GitHub repositories, e.g. from decause, I think it would be nice to move these tools to Pagure. The end goal of this would be to make them more accessible to fellow Fedora contributors. CC'ing decause to this since a lot of those tools are under his personal account.

However, some of the repos, like the ones under fedora-infra, would require a policy change within the Infrastructure team. I know there has been talk about them porting their repos to Pagure fully, but I lost track of that. I wouldn't want to import any of those repositories without the Infrastructure team initiating that.

I'm also leery to fork whenever it can be avoided just because I think it's better for us to work in the upstream wherever possible. :)

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Toolbox migrated to Pagure

Thanks to @decause, we moved some of his personal projects that are useful for CommOps, metrics gathering, and statistical analysis to Pagure. The CommOps Pagure group has privileges and access to these repositories, but it's recommended against pushing directly to those repositories. The new repositories are:

We also gained access to this awesome repository (probably of interest to @bee2502 and @skamath):

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