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As part of the Fedora Modularization Objective, the WG would like to request from CommOps team help with our onboarding process.

background analysis

We have: Wiki pages (Modularization Getting involved and the Working Group page), mailing list (we use the Fedora Development mailing list fedora-devel@lists.fedoraproject.org) and IRC Channel (#fedora-modularization on Freenode.)

implementation recommendation

The WG needs:
A welcome kit (similar to the GSoC Welcome Kit)
An onboarding series, with a badge (ticket to be opened in Trac)
A review of our existing wiki pages https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Modularization and https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Modularization/Getting_involved
Help monitoring the #fedora-modularization channel on Freenode

  1. The Modularization team has been working to develop onboarding documents for people: (a) new to the project itself, and (b) new to the working group. We would like some help in ensuring that the content of these documents is useful, complete and usable.
  2. We would love some recommendations regarding how to make our onboarding content similar to other groups for ease of consumption by people who have read other fedora onboarding documents
  3. We would like a boilerplate email "welcome kit" that we can use to engage new people who reach out to team members
  4. If commops could start to monitor #fedora-modularization for newbies that would be very helpful

Discussed in 2016-04-12 meeting.

This is now on the CommOps agenda and we're hoping to help start generating the on-boarding material for the Modularization WG this week or the next. The best time for us to work on this would be at one of our hack sessions.

A lot of cycles have been devoted to budget this past week, but once the dust starts to settle, we should be able to push more effort and attention to this ticket. :)

Discussed in 2016-04-26 meeting.

Tasks completed

Tonight, @decause and I went through some preliminary tasks for planning out how to help out the onboarding process for the Modularity WG.

Wiki page

The wiki page for ''Getting involved'' is updated. At the top, we added a step-by-step breakdown of how the join process works.



From this list, we were then able to take the line items and determine what could be "badge-ified" for the on-boarding process, for use in a series. The v1 checks are things we could ideally implement "next week" while v2 is a little more future-looking.


v1.0 Onboarding Checks for Badge
  • Speak Up!
  • Check to make sure mailman.receive ( from:user list=devel)
  • Make sure you have fedmsgs for forking 'fm-*' repo on pagure
  • OPTIONAL: planet.post.net title contains "Modularity Workflow Review"
  • Apply for FAS group membership (modularity-wg)
v2.0 Onboarding Checks for Badge
  • Speak-up, "hot topic," "license to push," "Long life to pagure"
  • Make sure you have fedmsgs for forking 'fm-*' repo on pagure
  • OPTIONAL: planet.post.net title contains "Modularity Workflow Review"
  • Apply for FAS group membership

Discussed in 2016-07-05 meeting.

FAS membership badge

The corresponding ticket for this is fedbadges#466. While we also discussed it in our meeting, I also brought it up in the Modularity WG meeting. There's some discussion and brainstorming happening on that ticket by the Modularity folks (mostly about name and design of the badge).

Once the final details are hashed out, @skamath can update his YAML file written with the new name and any other details discussed earlier.

A note about FAS automation badges

threebean put in a very, very, very helpful link to a Python script that will grant the badge to existing, sponsored members of the group. The badge YAML will not award it to anyone who already is sponsored. Using this script will ensure all past and current members are awarded the badge.

Removing from our meeting agenda for the time being as we're currently blocking on the Badges Trac ticket for now - once that ticket is closed there, I think we'll be able to wrap up here on this one.

@nphilipp @langdon Or anyone else involved with the Modularity WG, I wanted to follow up here and ask if you all felt good about the status of your on-boarding resources for the working group? If so, we can close out this ticket.

Please let us know - thanks! :)

Obviously, we can never have enough materials. However, I think the work y'all have done is great! I would say we can definitely close this ticket at this point. Much thanks from the modularity WG!

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