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One thing that was identified as part of the Fedora Ambassadors North America meeting on 2015-12-17 was the importance of writing event reports, particularly for the Community Blog!

To help make this process easier and less daunting for Ambassadors, CommOps should put together a template for event reports to let Ambassadors just "fill in the blanks". This should make the barrier to entry lower for Ambassadors and make it less of a "another thing to do" and more of a quick, short task.

Experience with Ambassadors, events, and other areas dealing with the Ambassadors are welcome!

Adding to tickets for 2016-01-26 meeting.

Seeing as how an event recently concluded for Fedora North America Ambassadors (FAmNA), it would be great to have this ready for the Ambassadors to refer to and begin moving from writing reports on their personal blog to the Community Blog. This is a major priority and I believe I can help take this on.

Discussion topics for the meeting should be: primary topics for outline, where it will be stored, how it will be shared, etc.

Discussed in 2016-01-26 meeting.


It was mentioned in today's meeting that there was a discussion on the Council Trac about important things connecting the actions of our Ambassadors to progress and results. Ticket 43, comment 3 is a great reference for the purpose of this ticket, and will help in shaping a template for event reports.

For the details in this ticket, they should be categorized into groups that can then be made "writing topics", such as a quick few bullets about the event and what it is, then launch into the full details of the report, etc.

The Plan™

The plan for this is to contact other experienced Ambassadors in multiple regions and gather their feedback and input about what would be a good format for a template, what to include, etc. This might actually be a topic for the greater Ambassadors mailing list as a whole too.

This will be an ongoing process and would be useful to have in the near future, but it is not an ultra high priority. I would rather spend time on this to Do It Right the first time rather than rush to pull something together for next week.

As a result, I am downgrading the priority and urgency of the ticket, and setting the milestone for F23. This is definitely something we want to achieve this cycle.

I'm going to relinquish ownership of this ticket for the time being. This would be a great ticket for someone who wants to get involved with CommOps but also has experience as an Ambassador or other experience writing reports for open source activism.

If you're interested in taking up this ticket, drop a line to our mailing list! :)

Milestone period reached

This wasn't completed in the Fedora 23 release cycle like originally planned. Because of other topics on the table, I am going to leave this ticket for the Fedora 24 release cycle (might be possible to focus on this as part of improving the Ambassadors on-boarding experience later on).

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In the Fedora Latam Ambassador's meeting, Latam Ambassadors answer that they are ok to include the post in the CommOps Blog to promote the events in where we participate, but they request to an email to be sent to Global Ambassador list to make this official. Also they ask for the steps to publish articles in CommOps Blog.

Ticket closed

A new "upstream" ticket for this was filed in the FAmSCo Pagure. See famsco#422.

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