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It would help Ambassadors to have a suggested event report template for writing their post-event reports to help guide their thinking on important areas of consideration (and also make it easier for people who aren't normally writers to put together an event report).


We want to connect the actions of our Ambassadors to progress and results. Spending some time thinking about the "why" question for going to an event or conference and what impact we had there is valuable to communicate. The template would support the overall objective of helping explain and communicate how budget is used and to demonstrate impact from how it is used.

One helpful step to begin with is to contact other experienced Ambassadors in multiple regions and gather feedback / input about what kind of material is usually covered in event reports, to understand (1) what is being communicated now, and (2) if any improvements could be made. This could make for a good discussion on the wider Ambassador mailing list, possibly.

I also understand that @bex / other Council members had introduced new guidelines / requirements for event wiki pages. This could be a useful area to collaborate with on the Council, if it is an area they are also discussing.


  1. Research policy / guidelines for event reports per region, talk with regional storyteller / treasurer about what is usually included in event reports
  2. Identify key criteria that would help communicate impact and objectives at events Fedora attends in different region
  3. Draft an initial "template" / guide / outline for creating event reports, to be used by Ambassadors
  4. Introduce into regional policy wiki pages as a reference for writing new event reports

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@x3mboy can you point this at the LATAM folks so that the ideas from the FAD get reflected here, if appropriate?

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