#160 Plan a CommOps session for Flock 2018
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Plan a workshop session with CommOps team members to run at Flock 2018, preferably by June 15


For the past two years, CommOps runs a session at Flock to either update the community on what we're working on or to help bring new contributors into the team. This year, like last year, Flock is taking a more hands-on approach. A workshop is a preferred format for us to focus and deliver.

CommOps has a limited number of core contributors, so we should identify team members who are making plans to attend Flock and then identify one strong proposal for a workshop submission. We should aim to apply by June 15, 2018 for Round 1 preferential review. Proposals are accepted in the Flock Pagure repo.


We had a brief discussion in IRC today (June 3). The two ideas that came up:

  • Build your own Grimoire dashboard for your team
    • Run participants through Grimoire and the CommOps-hosted instance
    • Help participants build their own dashboard to host metrics on their sub-project
    • We should host this in Fedora Infrastructure proper, if possible, by Flock
  • How to get your sub-project on Fedora Docs
    • Explain how to move sub-project documentation from the wiki into Fedora Docs
    • Work with participants to do some of this migration
    • Needs support from core Docs team members for infrastructure needs

This list is not exhaustive, but these are the two ideas we had initially. @dhanesh95 is starting an Etherpad to collect and brainstorm these ideas and new ideas further.


Submit a proposal by June 15, plan out how we will run the workshop over June and July, execute the workshop at Flock in August

I've added the two ideas to the Etherpad here.

I'm also adding questions below the ideas to help understand how much work will be required to achieve the goal.

As a reminder, per the discussion in #110 from the CommOps FAD this year, we wanted to promote Appreciation Week and contributor stories at Flock. We'll need to brainstorm further on how we want to do that too.

Because of the looming deadline tomorrow for Flock sessions, I submitted a half-day hackfest proposal for the CommOps team in the Flock CFP Pagure (flock#51).

I think this format is more useful for our team and allows us flexibility to address many of the topics listed above. We also have the flexibility to make more decisions about what we want to focus on and include in July based on the information we have available. This measure ensures we will be reviewed during the first selection round for Flock; however, over the next two months, we should establish better scope of what we want to accomplish at Flock.

I will start working on adding more sources to the dashboard I already setup. I did not write any documentation for setting it up (/me hides in a corner). Once I have something up and running, I can do a quick tutorial during our hacksessions on how to setup the Grimoirelab suite.

@dhanesh95 Are you working on something related to the dashboard?

@skamath Thanks for chiming in. Do you think there's any possibility of writing documentation for creating mailing list panels by Flock? I would consider it a success if we could go to Flock with documentation in-hand to help other sub-projects and teams build simple visualizations of their mailing list activity in a staging instance of Grimoire.

This would be a valuable opportunity to get early feedback from users about what is useful or most insightful for different teams for visualizations.

I'm going to remove this from the meeting agenda. For now, since we have the mini-hackfest proposed at Flock, I think we can focus our efforts in on making that session successful. Later in July, we should revisit this ticket for prep work based on where things stand as we get closer to Flock.

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This was done successfully. Once new tickets and/or a blog post are published about our session, this ticket can be closed.

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Discussed in 2018-09-03 meeting.

This ticket was added to the meeting agenda to give a brief recap of Flock to remote team members. In addition to the notes below, also see the transcript and note-taking Etherpad.

Summary of session

  • Hands-on session in the room split between Fedora Appreciation Week and picking the metrics discussion back up
    • FAW discussion mostly about revisiting our timeline and developing a roadmap (see latest comments in #110)
    • First draft of new roadmap in Etherpad

Metrics notes

  • Metrics discussion was quick check-in on status of GrimoireLabs + fedmsg integration
    • Since Grimoire is still blocked, we drove the discussion about answering data questions now with the tools we have available today
  • Through interactive activity, we identified two questions to explore and felt they are answerable with current fedmsg tools
    • Q1. Do we have many contributors in specific, narrow places versus contributors working in many different areas? If so, could we better connect the narrow places to other parts of the community that find their input valuable? Example of connecting a group to something like the Fedora Magazine or CommBlog.
    • Q2. Do we have many activities that are small in time needed to contribute but generate high levels of activity by drive-by contributors? Can we get more visibility of some of these high-interest places across the wider community?

Thinking ahead to 2019

  • IDEA: Two main efforts in 2019 could be…
    • Answer identified metrics questions from session
    • Begin writing on-boarding guide for publication

Action items

@jflory7 If possible, a CommBlog article summarizing CommOps @ Flock by Monday, October 17

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An article is scheduled for Tuesday, October 16th. A final preview is available here. The final, published URL will be here:


Closing ticket as complete. :clapper:

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