#109 Metrics based on Geographical location in FAS
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  • Distribution of Fedora community by country - active/ overall ?
  • Distribution of askfedora questions by location ?
  • Distribution of teams by location

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7 years ago

@skamath Can we have statscache plugins for this ?

I am starting work on these points, in particular "Distribution of teams by location" feature

Ok, this is some example code and one run output from this script


Private (longitude, latitude) Rate of commops is 0.53488372093
Number of members by country
Counter({u'US': 15, u'IN': 13, u'IT': 2, u'CZ': 2, u'GR': 1, u'HR': 1, u'SG': 1, u'CA': 1, u'DE': 1, u'AL': 1, u'GB': 1, u'LK': 1, u'NG': 1, None: 1, u'MX': 1})


@bt0dotninja Great work ! What does Rate of commops mean here ?
Also, can we have a heatmap too ? I think plotly offers some great resources for maps.

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7 years ago

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7 years ago

@bee2502 The private (latitude, longitude) rate is the number of members that has a private setting enable or don't set latitude or longitude.

this is only a concept proof but right now i'm trying to migrate the data to pandas dataframe and change cartopy/matplotlib for pygal/plotly

also add the heat map (standalone or in the map)

I will hack this this weekend

Hi guys

@bt0dotninja / @bee2502 I'm new in Fedora CommOps and I would be very happy to be in any assistance in this task :)

I took the liberty to write a new script with PyGAL, with the same functions as provided by @bt0dotninja, hope it can help in some way. It works as a heat map but it I think it can adapted for counting. I'm running Python3 so I've only tested in this version, please let me know if any errors occur.


Awesome @resilva87 I'm just writing some similar and general class , let me add/adapt this to my prototype (only if you wish, of course)


Great work @resilva87 , @bt0dotninja - can we adapt this for general fedora community and not just teams ?

Take a look:

my intention is we can get the data for more general stats too, maybe by city, maybe grouping several groups and add more filters than the date (looking only active members)

and this beautiful map have all the members with activity since january of this year(adapted from the code of @resilva87 )


@bt0dotninja love this map. Can we also have an index for the color range in this map ? and also what do you mean by active members ? Is this for all FAS ids or just who have been active in some past duration ?

Also, are you not in commops channel ? Let me know when you are in IRC, need to talk to you and also give you cookies :)

@resilva87 ++ @bt0dotninja ++

about the:
index of the color range: let me research more about pygal but sure
Active members: Currently comply with having active status and having activity from a given date

As @bt0dotninja and I discussed, the map is currently for contributors who have activity post 01/01/17.

@bt0dotninja / @resilva87 , can we also give this date as an arguement - preferably in dd/mm/yy or some related format ?

Also, it would be great if this can be adopted to askfedora questions.
https://ask.fedoraproject.org/en/questions/ - this is just the english community but is a great start.


The date as an argument now :smile:
I working on the format thing right now

And we are researching about get data from ask :persevere:

maybe this week we have some more functional than this

@bt0dotninja that's great!

Please let know how can I give you a hand with askfedora =), I'm online most of day on #fedora-commops

Just adding the map with the different ask updates, since January 1, 2017 (An ‘update’ includes a new question, a new answer, etc) , maybe @skamath and @bee2502 are more happy with the data, the class[1] can get it or I can get it for u :smile:

[1] https://pagure.io/fedora-commops/geofp


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6 years ago

Hi guys, just created a new branch to graph a heatmap (using plotly) with the same information as @bt0dotninja . The heatmap is missing some sort of time clustering (e.g 100 people from Japan asked questions in January/2017).

Please let me know your thoughts :)

Hello @skamath , @bee2502

what do you think about this ticket?, it is sufficient to close it? you have another requirements? you want integrate it with another tool?

I would be very happy to help with this, so just tell me your wishes
@resilva87 has a amazing job too :smiley_cat:

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6 years ago

I think we can close it for now. I will re-open this or create a new one if I think of something. Good job everyone @resilva87 @bt0dotninja @skamath.

Quick note : The links for .svg files seem broken due to change in the format. To access the .svg file, remove the files/ section from the URL.

Old link - https://pagure.io/fedora-commops/issue/raw/files/844725adafa6ba3116752014430f91c3e713a6cfa0ab207d7c057792786b13fa-commops_worldmap.svg

New link - https://pagure.io/fedora-commops/issue/raw/844725adafa6ba3116752014430f91c3e713a6cfa0ab207d7c057792786b13fa-commops_worldmap.svg

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6 years ago

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