#240 Customise admin interface for Message Model
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@@ -1,5 +1,27 @@ 

  from django.contrib import admin

  from happinesspackets.messaging.models import Message, BlacklistedEmail


- admin.site.register(Message)

- admin.site.register(BlacklistedEmail)

+ @admin.register(Message)

+ class MessageAdmin(admin.ModelAdmin):

+     list_display = ('identifier', 'status', 'admin_approved_public', 'sender_approved_public', 'recipient_approved_public')

+     list_filter = ('status','admin_approved_public', 'sender_approved_public', 'recipient_approved_public')


+     fieldsets = (

+         ('Sender Details', {

+             'fields': ('sender_name', 'sender_email', 'sender_email_stripped', 'sender_email_token', 'sender_ip')

+         }),

+         ('Recipient Details', {

+             'fields': ('recipient_name', 'recipient_email', 'recipient_email_stripped', 'recipient_email_token')

+         }),

+         ('Message Details', {

+             'fields': ('identifier', 'status', 'message')

+         }),

+         ('Message Permissions', {

+             'fields': (('sender_named', 'sender_approved_public', 'sender_approved_public_named'), ('recipient_approved_public', 'recipient_approved_public_named'), 'admin_approved_public')

+         })

+     )


+ @admin.register(BlacklistedEmail)

+ class MessageAdmin(admin.ModelAdmin):

+     pass


This commit modifies the message model admin interface:
1. Lists the messages with the identifier, status and permissions.
2. Can sort the messages with the above parameters.
3. Categorised the message details into sender, recipient, message and permission details.

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@shraddhaag This makes the admin interface for messages 100% easier to read and figure out if an admin user can approve new messages. Awesome work on this one!!

Easy merge. :ocean:

BTW, this is a really awesome change – if you have spare time, I suggest sending this one as a PR back upstream because it will likely be a big quality-of-life improvement for the upstream project too. :smile: To save yourself time, you can create a patch file for this commit and then apply the patch file to a fork of the upstream project. See this StackOverflow question for an easy way on how to do this. Feel free to tag my GitHub account in the upstream PR if you get to this.

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