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logo responsive for mobile
PhoeniXAbhisheK • 3 years ago  
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@@ -215,4 +215,9 @@


  .twitter:hover {

      background-color: #0084b4;

+ }

+ @media (max-width: 450px) {

+     aside .sidebar .logo {

+         width: 100%;

+     }


\ No newline at end of file

For the current code, the logo does not scale well on mobile devices and the logo overflows the view and appears cut.

This PR addresses that issue #101 and resolves it.

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3 years ago

Hey @jflory7 , can you please review this PR, and let me know if some changes are needed.

I merged this in commit 52081d0. Not sure why it didn't automatically close the issue. I'm canceling the pull request, but for the record, this PR was accepted. :thumbsup:

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