#265 Dockerfile fail to build
Opened 2 months ago by misc. Modified 2 months ago

So I tried to get the shipped dockerfile to build, and it doesn't work.

1st error is on docutils:

Installing dependencies from Pipfile.lock (11a5f8)...
An error occurred while installing docutils==0.15.1 --hash=sha256:554158db07870b514e8df93800e95ee8fbf2a2388eb453c7f69206532a8a6fa5 --hash=sha256:82725b1051b92aaa42e240a4e5d6fafa2f6f5a2b5023b23a51c941dd7d863369! Will try again.

Once I clear the Pipfile.lock (eg, "rm"), I faced another issue, that "--system" is deprecated. So this has to be updated as well.

Finally, once that's done, it block on cryptography installation, since this now requires rust (so we need cargo and rust in the alpine container).

(then it filled my hard drive..).

Finally, Python 3.6 is going to be EOL in 3 month: https://endoflife.date/python

So the Dockerfile as is seems to not be good, and should be removed.

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