#244 Determine best practice on outgoing SMTP mail for FHP messages
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Determine the best way to send outgoing SMTP mail and update mail address in settings/base.py


In PR #241, @shraddhaag noticed the email address used to handle outgoing email for DEFAULT_FROM_EMAIL is a personal Gmail account. Unfortunately, we do not have control of the account and this will not work in production when we re-deploy FHP.

Instead, we should follow best practices and seek advice from the Fedora Infrastructure team. We need to do some research on how to do this, and then make changes to the code where needed (even though most of the hard work will come when we start deploying).


  1. Write an email to Fedora Infra mailing list explaining situation and ask for advice on best practices for handling email, both on Fedora Infra Cloud (short-term) and the future Community OpenShift (long-term)
  2. Update local code to adhere to best practice
  3. Make note of next steps or things we need to investigate more closely for #111 when we get there


  • Better clarity on how to handle outgoing email on Fedora Infra hosts
  • Enables us to send email when we deploy (#111)

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