#222 Create production-ready version of container to use for deployment
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Create a version of FHP Docker containers to deploy application into staging and production environments


On the staging / production servers today, these machines were configured manually to deploy the application. Since there is no documentation of how this was done, it makes more sense to start fresh.

Starting fresh gives us a chance to look into different ways of packaging and deploying the app. Docker containers are one way to do this. We already use Docker containers for the local development environment. It is possible to change our Docker containers to use them both locally and also deploy the project.

Completing this ticket is part of the work required for #111.


I suggest these steps to approach this ticket:

  1. Try building the existing Docker container with the Dockerfile in the repo
  2. Evaluate what parts of application need to be configured or in-place when Docker container is created (e.g. the FAS testing account credentials for FAS search)
  3. Create new Dockerfile for a production deployment
  4. Test new Docker container image with docker-compose
  5. Submit PR with changes


  • Creates a deliverable that enables us to package and deploy FHP efficiently and quickly
  • Sets us up better to integrate with Fedora Infra's future Community OpenShift
  • Helps solve #111

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- Issue marked as blocking: #111

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