#213 Add a leaderboard to track "Happiness Streak" of users
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Add a leaderboard to track "Happiness Streak" of users


It would be nice to add a leader board similar to Fedora Badges to track:

  1. Users with the highest streak[1] overall on FHP
  2. Current logged in user's highest streak
  3. Current logged in user's current streak

The above list is an initial draft and is not exhaustive.

[1] Happiness Streak translates to number of consecutive days of sending packets.


First steps right now would be to brainstorm if this issue should be implemented in Fedora Happiness Packets.

The major concerns are:

  1. Displaying the top receivers could discourage other contributors
  2. Anonymity of packets must not be compromised

For more context, a discussion for the same was previously ongoing in the requirements list for Fedora Happiness Packets.


A leaderbaord is available to users on the web layout in our project.

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I like incentivizing streaks instead of number of sent/received packets. :smile:

I like the idea of gamifying this, however, I think we should do a little bit of work to incentivize the right behavior. Let's not count a sent packet as part of a streak if it is to someone who they sent a packet to in the last 3-6 months. We want to incentivize recognizing people across the project, not the same people continuously.

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