#188 Footer position styling.
Opened 2 years ago by phoenixabhishek. Modified 2 years ago


Change the postioning style of footer


With the current style rules, the active element styles appears over the footer, which is not the expected behavior.


The active element styling should not appear above the footer.
The discussion for solution can be found here


The styling does not appear over the footer.

@phoenixabhishek @jflory7 As mentioned in the previous thread, I'd like to work on this issue :grinning:

@jflory7 , i would like to work on this issue if no one is working on it

Metadata Update from @jflory7:
- Issue assigned to janyu99
- Issue priority set to: waiting on assignee (was: awaiting triage)
- Issue tagged with: PASSED, bug, difficulty - easy, good first issue, help wanted, type - frontend, type - summer coding

2 years ago

Hi @janyu99 and @saidat, thanks for your interest on this ticket. I assigned it to @janyu99 since she is not assigned to a ticket yet.

I think this one is straightforward enough to start working on. Use the resources linked in this ticket to troubleshoot and fix the bug. Then send a pull request through. :smiley: If you need any help or get stuck, let us know what we can do to help.

Metadata Update from @jflory7:
- Assignee reset
- Custom field Requirement # adjusted to 25
- Issue marked as depending on: #184

2 years ago

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- Issue assigned to alishapapun

2 years ago

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