#111 Automate deployment of fedora-happiness-packets to production server
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Set up automation to deploy fedora-happiness-packets to staging/production websites


Currently, the fedora-happiness-packets production website is manually upgraded by a system administrator whenever new changes are added to the project. Instead of requiring an individual to manually upgrade fedora-happiness-packets, we need automation tools to deploy the current version of fedora-happiness-packets from git into a staging/production environment.

Fedora Infrastructure uses Ansible to automate many parts of Fedora's infrastructure. We should follow suit so this application is a better fit for Fedora Infrastructure's requirements. This makes it easier to offer support for fedora-happiness-packets.

This is NOT a good task for a beginner. This should be a phase 2 goal for an internship. It requires advanced knowledge of how fedora-happiness-packets works and also an understanding of how the application is currently deployed. (I'm also in the process of learning about this.)


An existing playbook is found here, used occasionally by Fedora Infrastructure. However, it is up to us to manage this since fedorainfracloud.org services are self-supported. We need to make this a part of our workflow.


  • Faster and quicker to deploy new versions of fedora-happiness-packets
  • Easier to on-board future developers or system admins with automation tools

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7 months ago

@jflory7 kindly assign the issue to me.. I am very interested in it

@feisal Thanks for your interest. I suggest starting with a different ticket though. While this is an important task, it is a complex task that needs brainstorming and research before writing code. Try working on #100 or #103 first.

@jflory7 kindly then assigned the said tasks( #100 or #103) to me

@jflory7 kindly then assigned the said tasks( #100 or #103) to me

I replied in #100. Please keep conversation in that ticket so we do not repeat the same conversation in multiple tickets. Thank you.

I ran into some issues with nginx and ansible

@algogator What issues did you face setting it up last time?

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