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Closed: complete a year ago by jonatoni. Opened 2 years ago by algogator.

Might be useful to have a search bar for messages

Can you define a use case for this? I would rather prefer a filter by keyword or tag option.

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2 years ago

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a year ago

I've addressed this in #64.

Hi @jonatoni I am outreachy applicant, can I fix this issue?

@mariah issue has already been addressed. @jonatoni kindly closes all issues addressed if you have the privileges to do so

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a year ago

To help me understand, is this a search bar for messages published to the archive? If so, I think we should move this issue to the upstream project instead, per the forthcoming contributing guidelines. This would also be a feature useful to upstream.

@jonatoni , I am an Outreachy applicant and I would like to contribute to this tasks. Thanks

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a year ago

@racheal Hi, this is already implemented in #64 by @echoduck. It needs testing. Did you see #100 and #103 yet?

@jflory7, Thanks for the feedback. i have taken a look on #100 and #103. since these tasks are not limited to the number of members assigned, i will gladly contribute to both. Thanks so much

I've addressed this in #64.

Hey @echoduck are you still on this task? Could you update us about the proceedings in the ticket itself about how far have you reached to solve the issue?

He actually added the search box and it is functional but actually can't be merged until the code is not rebased. you can look the code in the PR #64

@bt0dotninja has this issue been worked on? i would like to contribute in it

thanks @echoduck for fixing this :smile:

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a year ago

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a year ago

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