#7 Baby steps towards Open Source!
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  • Name: Dyuti
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  • Who is your story about?: Bee
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I still remember that day when I mailed her. I wanted to start on something (FOSS related )but I had no proper direction on what I should do. She was a total stranger but I stalked her on several places(hope she doesn't mind :alien: ) and it was really inspiring to see all the work she was doing and to be honest I just found Women Open Source contributors really cool because I am so intimidated by it. But I never expected her to reply me back or provide me with so much help.
And well, she mailed me back quite promptly, giving me more direction on how to start, she introduced me to this great community and gave my leads on what are the kinds of work I could do. The reply did overwhelm me. I feel starting is the hardest part and having such a strong and warm community around you helps you grow magnificently. I can't thank her enough on helping me to get started on this. Now I know a wonderful community and a friendly group of hard working people like @jflory7 , @jonatoni and @amsharma who are a constant source of motivation.

Though I am still just taking the baby steps towards this, I hope to be better with time. :) Cheers to @bee2502 and everyone at Fedora!

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